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Job description:

-Conduct electromagnetic test according to standards or customer requirements;

-Provide customers with EMC rectification plans or suggestions;

-Help customers rectify products to meet relevant EMC product testing requirements.

-Ensure that all tests are carried out in accordance with correct standards or customer requirements, meet laboratory quality requirements, and be responsible for communication and coordination with relevant colleagues and customers;

-Be responsible for the daily maintenance of relevant test sites and equipment.

Job requirements:

-Bachelor degree or above, major in communication, electronics, automation and other related majors;

-Basic knowledge of electronic hardware and basic theory of electromagnetic field and antenna;

-Familiar with electromagnetic compatibility standards in medical device industry;

-More than two years working experience in product EMC design, control and testing;

-Master the EMC design technology and method of terminal products;

-Have EMC testing skills and be able to deal with and solve EMC problems in testing

-Have EMC certification experience, and be proficient in international certification bodies, certification systems and certification processes

Job responsibilities:

-Carry out foreign trade business, expand overseas market, develop and maintain foreign customers;

-Business contact through exhibitions, e-mail, telephone and other forms;

-Be able to develop new customers independently and give timely feedback on customer needs;

-Maintain customer files, establish and sort out customer data;

-Pay attention to improving their product knowledge, English and business ability.

Job requirements:

-Familiar with product export process, strong ability to handle the whole order process independently; Good at analyzing and developing the market;

-Fluent oral and written English, business ability to negotiate with foreign customers independently;

-Familiar with trade operation process and relevant laws and regulations, with professional knowledge in trade field;

-Strong business communication and negotiation skills and good sales service awareness, quick thinking, good at thinking and analysis, meticulous and serious work and strong sense of responsibility;

1) Foreign trade business manager:

1. At least 2 years working experience, familiar with various foreign trade operation platforms;

2. Major in international trade / Business English, CET-4 or above;

3. Those who have participated in peer foreign exhibitions are preferred;

4. Have team consciousness, can effectively serve the team and give full play to team advantages.

2) Foreign trade salesman:

1. CET-4 or above, able to communicate with foreign customers by e-mail;

2. Proficient in office software, business English or marketing is preferred;

3. Familiar with export business operation process;

4. Self motivated, responsible, dare to challenge yourself!

3) Sales business personnel:

1. College degree or above, proficient in office software;

2. Have a strong enterprising spirit, willing to engage in sales for a long time, strong pressure bearing ability, optimistic and open-minded;

3. Good communication skills, language expression skills and analytical judgment skills;

4. Major in marketing or secretary is preferred;

4) Sales and customer service personnel:

1. College degree or above, proficient in office software;

2. Mandarin standard, good listening and communication skills;

3. Quick thinking and quick response, able to identify the relationship between the company and customers;

4. Major in marketing is preferred;


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