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Teach you how to quickly understand Yanbixin power filter

Time: 2019-03-18 14:54:05

Author: .


Power filter introduction


   The components used in the power filter are passive source parts. According to the electrical performance, there are primary filtering (general effect), secondary filtering

(enhanced functionality), and tertiary filtering (excellent performance); that is, there are several on the line. Group inductance, which means that it is a product of several stage

of filtering, another L means a hot line, N means a zero line, and G means a ground line;

The naming principle of the power supply filter:

The speech power filter details:

A. The filter is divided into four types according to the installation method (socket filter / built-in filter / PCB board filter and appliance-specific filter, see below):

** PCB板专用滤波器------P系列(P1.P2.P3----P5----既可用塑胶外壳,也可用五金外壳

** 家电设备专用滤波器----T系列(T1.T2.T3-----T6)------只能用塑胶外壳

B. Filters have general effects (primary filtering), enhanced functions (secondary filtering), and high performance (three or four levels of filtering).

 To sum up, Yan Bixin's product models will produce N types because of different iron shell sizes, different electrical circuits, different rated currents and different output modes, and the current and output modes will be matched according to your needs.

If you have any questions or do not understand the products of the company, please feel free to contact your business manager; or call us 0755-27147102! We will be happy to help you.

Teach you how to quickly understand Yanbixin power filter
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